Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Don and Jeannie Oliver, Parents of Iantha, Jocelyn, and Zebediah Allton and Dionne Fike, Married in OKC, OK October 1st, 1989

Here is what my mother wrote about that day…

We had talked about marrying for quite some time, but between the demands of work and family, I just couldn’t make time to put together a wedding. I finally took a two-week vacation and planned as much as I could manage in that time. One of Don’s bachelor-friends offered his deck as the site, I crafted some invitations at Kinko’s, and the party was on.

We married on Saturday, October 1, 1989. The ceremony was scheduled at 4:00 p.m. We awoke that morning to heavy rain. Expecting to move our ceremony indoors, we rushed to the house to clean up and rearrange the furniture. There were a few tense moments when we got there and realized that Don’s “friend” had done nothing whatsoever to prepare for our special day. But we all pitched in to run the vacuum, empty trash cans and pick up clutter—bride and groom, kids and a handful of friends who had volunteered to help set up.

But then about 3:00 o’clock the rain stopped and the clouds lifted. The sudden sun shined so bright that the rain-soaked deck seemed to sparkle. There were pots of geraniums, marigolds and purple petunias. Someone tied red balloons to the rail and brought out folding chairs. The wedding proceeded as planned at 4:30.

The wedding party, including the children, wore red, black and white. The bride wore a red pig skin suede suit, a purple silk camisole and purple snakeskin stilettos. It was, after all, the ‘80s and I had half a can of hairspray in that “big hair” to survive that humid day.

We had a chocolate sheet cake, a 6-foot sub, a keg of beer, plenty of sparkling wine and (thanks to Don’s mom and brother) Braum’s tropical fruit punch spiked with Everclear. We partied until the sun came up on Sunday morning. And then on Monday I went back to work.

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